Registering a URL with GoDaddy

I have been using to register my URLs for a few years now…basically they are the cheapest in the country, and they have great customer service.

What is a URL?  It’s the www thing you get for your website.  For example, you have seen here how I just became a member of the Aaachoo Social Network, and that I’m also a distributor for YooTalk powered by Global Pros.

Each of these companies gave me a standard website ( for YooTalk, and Aaachoo gives you a basic link, in my case .  Both of these options let your potential customers land on your page, yet they are both confusing.

The solution is to buy a URL (www) address from GoDaddy, for about $10 bucks for the year.  Simply go into, and then search for a URL address you like…in my case I searched for different ones for YooTalk, ie,,,, etc.  For Aaachoo, I searched for options like,,, etc.  Finally I settled on, and I also bought, just to make sure I got the A’s right, and make sure that if someone puts in either 3 a’s, or 2 a’s, that they’ll pull up my site.  Call me Einstein, call me Edison, call me simple.   It’s all about the simple for simpleminded folks like us.

The result is that it makes it a lot easier for me to advertise my page, and makes it natural for potential clients to go there.  People like to see www, and then they like to see .com.   It make them warm and fuzzy, you know how dumb we all are.

No matter what company or what brand your building, GoDaddy makes it easy and inexpensive to register URLs. 

Next week, we learn how to boil water….

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Ok, now my Aaachoo account is getting crazy!

Keeping my fingers crossed for Aaachoo to payout come Sept 15

Just have to let everyone know that now I have been with the Aaachoo Social Network for little over a week…my net results?

1563 paying members underneath me!!!

No, I’m not some deranged MLMer pumping you with BS…I’m a skeptic but positive person that looks for good opportunity, knowing that sometimes it all combines at the right place and the right time. 

What have I done?  Nothing…I’ve written a few things about Aaachoo, and I’ve invited a few friends to check it out, but basically I do nothing, yet my network grows.  For the friends I’ve signed up for Aachoo, their network grows.  Everyone is over 1,000 members now, after about a week’s time.

Impressed with Aaachoo?  Yes!  Keeping my fingers crossed?  Hell yes! 

If the owners of Aachoo can really pull this off, it will be a major coup.  Simply get people in, stuff people underneath them with their forced matrix, and then give them no reason to leave since they only pay $29 a month.

I’ll tell you all when I get my first check from Aaachoo, which should be right around September 15.  Me and alot of others will either be ecstatic over the easy money, or dissapointed because a start up couldn’t produce…either way I’m all in, and ready to do them super justice when they deliver.

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YooTalk adds Virgin Wireless to Plans

Just a quick update, that YooTalk (powered by Global Pros, Inc), has now expanded it’s cell phone platform to include plans through Virgin Wireless.  In addition, YooTalk offers cell service through all the major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, TMobile, Sprint.   Customers can sign up for the YooTalk cell phone service alone, and they also have the opportunity to become a distributor.

This week I made numerous connections with people already in the cell phone industry.  These independent distributors already sell cell phone service, and when they looked at the YooTalk platform and pricing, they were amazed.  Why?  Because YooTalk offers discounted cell phone plans using all the major carriers, and it is cheaper than anything esle on the market.

Global Pros, the corporation behind YooTalk, has a primary goal to save you money on your cell phone bill.  There are currently 285 million cell phone users in the country, and who doesn’t want to save money?  I used to pay about $120 a month for my iPhone, and now I pay $60 a month, for unlimited talk, text, and internet service.  Now that YooTalk offers plans through AT&T, Verizon, TMobile, Sprint, and Virgin, the choice is clear.

No fees, no contracts, no taxes when you sign up with YooTalk.  Global Pros Inc have really outdone themselves, and we are all looking toward a great future.

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Aaachoo Compensation Plan Explained /

As you know, this week I have been talking about the Aaachoo! network, because it’s going viral.  Much like LinkedIn, Aachoo is a social network for business professionals, but you get paid for joining their network.  You register/signup for free, and watch your downline grow without doing anything.   You can read a few more posts below for more info, and here is the general Compensation Plan for the Aaachoo Social Network.  Visit to register for free.

– 3X9 Forced Matrix

According to their website, the entire payout can potentially yield a $80,000 a month income.

– Members who sign up for Aaachoo after you, whether you referred them or not, will fall under you.

– No sponsoring required to earn on 6 levels
–  According to the website, you can potentially earn a little over $1,800 a month in residual income without ever referring anyone, due to the nature of the matrix’s spillover feature. In my opinion, even if you even get this half right and build a $900 a month residual income, it’s still good considering that you didn’t have to refer anyone and it’s probably $900 a month more than Facebook is paying you.

– You can open the entire comp plan by referring just a few people
–  This shouldn’t be a big deal if you think about how many people you’ve invited and added on your Facebook account

As you guys can see, the Aachoo Comp Plan has amazing potential, as long as they deliver…I haven’t gotten a check yet, but I’ve got my chip on the table to see what happens. 

– Fast Start Bonus – You can earn $15 every time you refer someone who joins the network and becomes an upgraded member.

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Aaachoo! vs. LinkedIn…and the winner is….

Just have to post again about Aaachoo!, because now it’s bee about 6 days that I registered, and now I have 689 members underneath me…again, I have done nothing but watch my membership grow. 

I have also referred Aaachoo to 8 different personal friends, all of whom signed up this week, and have all had similar results.  It’s the end of the week and we all have 100’s of people in our Aaachoo downline, and none of us have done anything to promote Aaachoo!

Now I’m really starting to figure out Aaachoo, because it’s essentially like LinkedIn, but cheaper, and with more tools at your disposal.  LinkedIn charges about $49 a month, Aaachoo charges $29 a month.  Both LinkedIn and Aaachoo! have the same platform…basically they are social networks for business professionals.  People in the networks are there to promote themselves and network with others for possible job opportunities, business ideas, and general sharing of info.

Now Aaachoo! is starting to make sense, because LinkedIn has been doing the same thing for a long time now.  LinkedIn gives out referral fees when you get someone to sign up, and so does Aaachoo!…the difference?…Aaachoo instantly starts popluating your downline, so there’s no reason not to pay the $29 a month….according to them, I’m already making $650 a month, and I’ve done nothing but simply sign up and watch it grow automatically.

My advice?  By all means sign up right away (you can use the link at the top of this page)…there is nothing to lose when you register, because you don’t have to put down your credit card.   Then, give it a few days, and see if it’s worth it to pay the $29.  If the same holds true, you are going to be shocked within a couple days, and won’t be able to put down $29 fast enough.

Aaachoo is going viral, it’s time to jump on the bus.

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Aaachoo! update from the trenches

Hi Guys,

As you know, I broke down and signed up the $29 a month for Aaachoo…why?  Because in 3 days I had over 200 members.  Now it’s been 5 days, and my new membership is up to 468 members.

Why?  I don’t know.  What have I done?  Nothing.  Seriously.  Nothing.  What I have done is referred it on to a few friends for the heck of it, but all the people who have signed up in my Aaachoo! account are people that I’ve never talked to…

One thing that came up yesterday, is that I heard if you don’t lock in your spot, by paying the $29, then you start over in the matrix.  I really don’t know what this means either, but for $30 bucks, it’s worth a small gamble.  Just like in any MLM, Aaachoo could be gone tomorrow, and leave us all hanging.    Either way, I’m in for a little lady luck…I don’t like playing blackjack, but I like playing poker with my friends.   Aaachoo is giving me a little bit of gamble, with a lot of promise.

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