Global Pros delivers YooTalk platform

As the weeks go by, Global Pros, the newly formed corporation that delivers the YooTalk Cell Phone Platform, gets stronger and stronger. 

I am continually impressed by Global Pros’ customer service, and it truly looks like they are in this for the long haul.  There have been other companies that have tried to tap into the worldwide cell phone market, so delivering YooTalk to the masses is no easy task.  YooTalk operates on the “backbones” of the major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, TMobile, and Virgin Wireless.   The operate under names like AirVoice, PagePlus, SimpleMobile, and PlatinumTel.  Basically they have the same coverage, but the difference is that they are a lot cheaper.

The major carriers are open to discounted service since they don’t need to advertise using YooTalk.  YooTalk and Global Pros operate under a word of mouth advertising campaign, meaning that the major carriers don’t incur these costs.  It is estimated that Verizon and AT&T spend over 300 million a year in advertising, so offering discounted service through YooTalk costs them nothing.

Yesterday I used the sim card they sent me for AirVoice, and got my wife’s phone turned on through our AT&T network.  Everything works great, and I’m very excited to keep offering their service as a distributor.  Visit for more information, and feel free to contact me directly using the number provided on the site.

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