Aaachoo blows…for now

Of course, there’s a catch.   Although Aaachoo has claimed since the beginning that you can make up to $1800 some odd dollars without ever sponsoring/signing up one person, it’s seems to be a total lie.

For a couple weeks, they automatically put people underneath you…deceiving at best.  The whole time they are claiming that you can are getting people in your downline, yet are you?  Anyone? Anyone?  Bueeeehhhhler?

I even sent them a support ticket asking this…I have personally sponsored 8 people, and had 760 in my downline.  I asked them would I be paid on only the 8 people, or everyone in the downline?  “Bridgette” answered that I would be paid on the 8 people, and on the 760 in the downline.  Reality says otherwise….looks like it’s only on the 8 people, and the 760 were the proverbial carrot dangling in front of my nose.

I’m still holding on to my lottery ticket, since it’s only $29 per month.  However, I’m not putting myself out there and recommending them to anyone, until I see what they claim come to fruition.  I really feel bad for them if it’s otherwise, since they will get trashed like crazy for being so misleading in the beginning.

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