Is Aachoo a Scam? Aaachoo says no…

The days build, the tension mounts…and as everyone who registers for the Aachoo social network watches their downlines grow without signing everyone up…everyone has the same question.

Is Aaachoo a scam?  Because if it’s not, it’s going to be absolutely unstoppable for making their members money.  According to Aachoo, their forced 3 x 9 matrix will pay 6 levels deep, meaning that even if you don’t refer ONE member, you still get paid. 

The craziest part is that everyone I know who’ve signed up, all have hundreds, and now into the thousands of paying members in their downline/upline.  Aaachoo is unique in it’s payout, as you get paid for upline and downline members. is where you will go to sign up.  You register for free, with a free 21 day trial membership.  Most likely you will see that you’re numbers of paid members in your downline and upline into the hundreds within the first few days.

Then, you make the decision to pay $29 measley bucks to see what happens.  Aaachoo says that it is going to pay it’s members their first round of comissions come September 15.  At that date, everyone will know for sure if it’s a scam or not.  If it’s a scam, then it falls to pieces instantly.  If it’s for real, then it has the potential to last forever, making the owners millions to billions, depending on how many people eventually sign up.

For now I’m hoping my $29 is worth it…since the owners of Aaachoo are all from the network marketing and MLM game, they now it’s going to be time to put up or shut up soon enough.  If they deliver, they make millions, we make thousands.  Either way it’s going to be a nice place to be.  I strongly recommend signing up simply for the fun of it, it’s the smartest lottery ticket you’ll ever get. 

The Aaachoo lottery ticket…I like the sound of that.

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