Creating a Google Social Circle

Many people are not aware that they can create a Profile in Google, to help drive more traffic to their websites…it’s a pretty interesting concept, and of course, it’s free.  Free is what the internet is all about…of course your time costs you money, but to not spend time promoting your business for free, is just plain lazy.

Here’s a great video to watch, created by Katie Freiling, that shows you how to create your Profile in Google:

When you create your Profile in Google, you are then creating your own Social Circle…whatever that means.  What it means to me is that I am going to get more exposure on Google, without paying for a PayPerClick campaign.  I’m all about ways that we can all promote ourselves without spending money.

The age old axiom states that to get people to buy your product, you need to expose them to it 13 times!  13 times!  This means you have to be relaxed going in, and know that selling products is a process…you will get impulse buyers, but your main goal is to keep consistent, everyday.  Any day that goes by where you haven’t promoted your business, is essentially a wasted day.   With all the free social networking tools at our disposal, you’re crazy if you don’t take a few baby steps each day.

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